Maybe the Best aus Wattenscheid– aka Nova Bean

Date Of Birth: July 31, 2018
AKC‪# DN62947301


Nova is the sweetest tempered dog we have and one of my favorites. She came to us two years ago shy, timid, and leery of men.

This year (2022) she started coming with us to check cows and her personality and confidence blossomed. She learns very quickly and is quick to obey. She is driven to please her human and prefers love as a reward over food.

Nova is a lean dog with a high metabolism. She is free-fed, meaning she gets to eat as much kibble as she wants. Which isn’t much no matter what you do. We’ve discovered she maintains the best weight when allowed in the house to be a couch potato, which she thoroughly enjoys. Otherwise, if left to her own accord outside, she’s running, jumping, and chasing squirrels nearly all day long.

She still has moments of shyness and timidness but for the most part, she has made a full turnaround. She still prefers women and gentle touch but has warmed up to the kid(s) roughhousing well.

Fyi- She loves licking… especially feet… gross but occasionally helpful LOL

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