Past Pups

Dumbledor x Massa

Eikon x Keena

Tobias x Nova

Tobias x Keena Puppies
Tobias x Harley Puppies

Boomer is doing very well! He is a little ball of energy and loves running, wrestling, and eating sticks. He has been so easy to train as he is highly intelligent. Everywhere I go I get compliments on him. His favorite game is hide and seek and he uses his nose and quickly finds his treats. Secondly, he loves going in the pickup. Even if it’s just down the driveway. He is excellent with my nieces and nephews as well as other dogs. We love Boomer and can’t believe how much he’s grown. Thank you so much ~Andrew and Johanna Groza

We went to meet/pick out Rogue in September of 2016 and were thoroughly impressed with all the paper work that Kilynn had on the mom and dad. As we were patiently awaiting for the day we could go get Rogue Kilynn kept us updated on how our little guy was doing by providing us with pictures and updates on his health. The day we picked Rogue up Kilynn had the legal documents printed and ready to sign, all of Rogue’s health records, AKC registration, and information such as what food he has been eating, where she was getting the pups vaccines, etc. Our experience with Kilynn went smoothly and we were impressed on how in-depth, prepared, knowledgeable, and friendly she was.    Rogue is a loving member of the family with a calm attitude that cuddles, talks, and just wants to be with us. He ended up being the biggest in the litter and though he is still growing we get comments all the time that he is not only good looking but that he is going to be one big dog. He looks just like his dad did at his age as far as coloring and facial features. He is showing signs of loving the water just like his dad and talks to us  like his mom. Rogue is great with our niece (3 years) and nephew (9 months) as well as other small children. He loves every person he meets and always tries to greet them with a kiss or two. He is learning to not be timid around other dogs and that he is bigger than he thinks when he plays with other dogs. He has had no health issues and the vet is impressed with his posture, straight back, manners, and friendliness. We love Rogue!  All in all we are extremely satisfied with our experience, Kilynn, and of course our dog. ~Tyler and Lexy

Toby (koda) is doing great!!! Almost 80lbs now and happy and healthy. He’s a beautiful dog and we get SO many compliments on him. Extremely smart, knows tricks and is very loyal and obedient. He spends a lot of time with us & the kids in the front area off leash and doesn’t go after other dogs or families walking the neighborhood. We couldn’t have asked for a better family dog!  ~Adam & Heather Balsiger