Helping Paws Program (Rescue)

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is an iconic and popular breed of dog with certain expectations that follow. They must be loyal, courageous, noble in character, adaptable, sound and solid structure, athletic/agile, highly intelligent and… steady.

These characteristics which make a german shepherd into a GSD are becoming lost in America with the number of physically and mentally untested breeding stock, and unplanned litters. Uneducated and irresponsible owners of intact dogs, and the lack of restrictions in the USA required before a GSD is allowed to be bred and registred are just a couple reasons for the spike in population and the decline of GSD as a breed in America. The SV (German Registery) has many prerequisites in place to preserve the integrity and stability of the breed. But how can we do our part to help? Educate those wanting to become breeders and following the SV’s standards ourselves.

What about those in need NOW? There are many rescue programs already established designed to help the dog. But often these rescues have a negative connotation to breeders when in reality no-one else loves the breed more! Hence we are designing the Helping Paws program to help the people with unplanned litters, shepherds in desperate situations, and educate those interested in becoming a reputable breeder.