Inka von den Bären– aka Kimber

Date Of Birth: Feb. 10, 2019
AKC‪# DN56990402

Hips: Normal (a1)   Elbows: Normal (a1)

DM: Clear N/N

Stud: VA Bomba v. Legends Team, IGP3, kkl

Dam: V Uria v. Chickhoff, IGP2, kkl

Medium to high drive female. Good foundation in obedience and protection. Decently drivey and would be best in a working home of some kind or active family. Proven mother – she’s had one litter of 7 puppies. Natural breeding and delivery, no c-section. House trained. Crate trained. Good with kids and other dogs as long as she is introduced properly. She’s not a dog park kind of dog but has had a lot of work and socializing in public spaces with other dogs.

Maybe the Best aus Wattenscheid– aka Nova Bean

Date Of Birth: July 31, 2018
AKC‪# DN62947301

SV Certified:

Hips: Normal (a1)   Elbows: Normal (a1)

OFA Certified:

DM: coming soon- once all export registration is in order

Nova was imported to us from the Netherlands in mid-May 2020. Through all the excitement and nerves of traveling she’s been nothing but the sweetest little pea and loves showing her affection by the use of her long wet tongue! We are still getting to know her but so far we are very pleased with her and look forward to the years to come. Oh, and as discovered on a walk apparently she loves water!

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Keena’s Rumor von Heinrichs

Date Of Birth: Dec 6th, 2016
AKC‪# ‎DN47972603

OFA Certified:

DM: Clear    Hips: Good   Elbows: Normal

Sire: Bruno Kutsar
Dam: Zella Kutsar

Keena is the perfect family dog. She was raised around little ones pulling on her nose, lips and ears and taking the job as professional pillow for a toddler seriously. There’s nothing much better than some loves and kisses in her eyes except for maybe water. This girl is a fish out of water. She loves adventure by day and snuggles by night.

Very intellectual and is always the first to respond when somethings up. This girl has all the traits of what a German Shepherd should portray.

A video of her in motion Coming Soon.

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Massa Box-Dogs BH- Retired

Date Of Birth: June 30, 2014
AKC‪# ‎DN47716101

SV Certified:

Hips: Normal (a1)   Elbows: Normal (a1)

OFA Certified:

DM: Clear

Sire: V(BSZS) Maffey vom Quartier Latin SchH3

Dam: VA2 (PL 2015) MŁ.CH.PL, CH.PL Gina Ontopus IPO 2

Massa is always the one you can trust around other dogs and people. She has made it her life mission to help raise the kiddos and play with the cat. Training is a breeze as she aims to please and is very food driven. When we’re out for hikes her nose never leaves the ground. So as a middle-aged lady she’s now learning scent work and enjoying every minute of it.

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Calaway’s Harley- Retired


‬ Date Of Birth: May 23, 2012
AKC‪# ‎DN33942107

Sire: Wolfgang Devlin
Dam: Demon Lord’s Baby

Harley is much like your typical “girl”. Friendly to all who is welcome, personable, to smart for her own good, loyal, protective athletic, doesn’t like to get dirty and loves to have a conversation with you.

She is straight backed with the help of her predominate working lines, but has the color pigment from her champion lines integrated by her grandfather.