Located in Eugene, Oregon
We are a small growing household kennel bringing high-quality bloodlines to the West Coast. Every one of our dogs is a cherished family member from the moment we lay our eyes on them to the day they leave us for their new adventures. We breed for the love of the German Shepherds, it’s our passion, not a job. All our dogs are naturally protective of our house and family members. They always know when they need to be friendly and when not to be. Raised with the family these champion pedigree German Shepherds are bred for intelligence, health, conformation, and temperament. They are able to lounge around the house during the day, spend some time working in the evenings, then get cleaned up to win in the show ring on the weekends.

The dogs we choose for our breeding program are straighter backed with no extreme angulation or “roach back”. We have all our dogs hips and elbows x-rayed and DNA evaluated for degenerative myelopathy to make sure they are clear. To ensure they grow to their full potential our dogs are fed high-quality food and are up to date on all veterinary care.

Our Philosophy:
Bred for the soundest of minds and strongest structures.


For each sale, whether for a puppy or an adult dog, we will provide you with a contract of sale, just to protect both parts. We also provide all veterinary history and medical information along with any and all registration information.

The same goes for any deposit, stud service or mating with any external bloodline. We like to keep business points clear, so we can all focus on our dogs, our breeding, and our passion instead of worrying about paperwork.

To reserve a pup we ask for a deposit of $500. The deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable to other litters/purchases. Your puppy will come up to date on all age appropriate nail trimming, deworming and vaccination care. AKC limited registration application will be sent with each pup. However, we require you to spay/neuter your pup before they are 18 months of age and send us a quick confirmation picture. Breeding rights may be sold to approved homes; please contact us for pricing and further details.