With the first day of school coming in the next weeks and the holidays around the corner, we understand the financial pressures of getting ready. We also understand that with another year soon under our belt, it may be time to get that quality GSD you and the kids have been wanting and waiting for. The girls we have available from our April litter are also getting older and more mature. They are soon done with their puppy vaccines and are already well on their way to be good doggy-citizens.

This year we found the males were of popular choice along with those who were long coats. We’d like to offer the 3 remaining standard/plush coat girls with homes that will adore and spoil them to the fullest too! So for those looking to add another addition to the family or know someone who might be, we’d like to offer these lovely ladies for the lowest price in Heinrichs German Shepherd history for the pet price of $800. These girls are already micro-chipped, fully de-wormed, have been vaccinated four times with the fifth and final puppy vac due within the week, crate trained, and learning the basics of obedience on leash. Now is the perfect age to pick your pup! The bulk of the hard work has already been done!

If your interested and want to know more, please contact us and feel free to share this post to your friends and family!

-Thank you and God Bless

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